Recipe memberships for modern creators

Provide your customers with the ultimate culinary, recipe and fan experience and generate six figure revenues with just 1% of your followers. Completely custom and set up in minutes.

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What's on the CLUBB menu?
Recipe sites and membership platforms are outdated and not fit for the job. Whether it’s Patreon, Substack, Instagram, wordpress blogs full of ads, or anything else.

Time for us to serve up exactly what your customers want. A premium recipe and fan experience, with features built specifically for you. And them.

Don't miss the boat. Build the best possible business from your content and following.

Everything you need

And everything your customers want.
A simple content management system that gives your customers easy to use search with advanced filtering and video discovery to find what they want.
Existing cooking membership platforms out there look, errr...old school? We fixed that. Completely custom for your brand too, without any code.
Provide your customers with not just content, but the tools they need to make the most of it. Favourites, lists, meal plans and more.
Premium mobile first video and cook-a-long tools - creator led to help you use your personality to connect with customers.


Customisable Lightweight Website
Add your own branding, colour scheme and layouts + everything your customers need for a great experience, all without any code.
Content Management
Easy creation of recipes, guides, meal plans, videos, and simple organisation tools to make it easy for your customers to use.
Memberships & Payments
Charge customers via monthly and annual subscriptions for access to your content. Choose how you charge and set your own pricing.
Update your members with news, exclusive offers, events, discounts and more with text and video updates.
Customer Accounts
Allow customers to manage their subscriptions, store their favourites, create lists and meal plans.
Analytics & Management
Detailed business and content analytics, simple tools for managing your easy management of your business too.

A tool built for the job

No other platforms were built to give you and your customers exactly what they need.
Customisable site
Ingredients checklists
Recipe Step by Steps
Detailed browse & filter
Video cook-along steps
Meal plan builder
Sponsor takeover
Update posts
...lots of other cool stuff for cooking creators
Fan Community
Recipe Platform
e.g. Instagram